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Policymakers need to be able to craft a policy agenda that helps Americans and addresses problems with government programs, while clearly communicating the benefits of such policies. These briefing documents can be used to help policymakers and those who seek to be policymakers craft a winning agenda that would improve health policy in the United States and that can be clearly communicated to the American people. 

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“Effective and lasting solutions and policy approaches require a diversity of ideas and the ability of we, the people, to consider and critically examine them. I am very excited that the Paragon Institute can become a beacon of new ideas and approaches towards improving the health of our population (and our badly broken health ‘system’).”

John J. Dreyzehner

Director of the CDC Center for Preparedness and Response (2019-2021), Commissioner of Tennessee’s Department of Health (2011-2019), District Director of the Virginia Department of Health (2002-2011)

“The increasingly diverse health care needs of Americans clearly cannot be met by a government-centered system. A vibrant and dynamic market with empowered consumers can bring the best value to everyone.”

Ge Bai

Professor of Accounting at Johns Hopkins Carey Business School and Health Policy & Management at Bloomberg School of Public Health

“This exciting effort convenes a broad range of health care leaders to think big and bold about how we can improve the delivery of care.”

Marty Makary

Professor, John Hopkins University School of Medicine and Carey School; author of The Price We Pay & Unaccountable; editor-in-chief of Medpage Today

“I am excited to join Paragon to develop policies that address the biggest challenges in health care by empowering patients to drive their care, as well as harnessing competition and innovation to increase access and improve quality.”

Demetrios L. Kouzoukas

Director of Paragon’s Medicare Reform Initiative

“At a time during which sound health policy debate is largely absent in DC, Paragon is just the right antidote to introduce practical policy recommendations based on rigorous research. The post-Covid era will require a renewed focus on policies addressing health care costs, access, quality, and innovation. Paragon will capably inform these policies. I am honored to be part of the team.”

Paul Mango

Deputy Chief of Staff to HHS Sec. Azar (2019-2021), formal liaison to Operation Warp Speed

“Medical innovation is the key to improving health and enhancing life. I’m advising Paragon because their leadership team and experts are dedicated to developing policy reforms that encourage, rather than stifle, innovation.”

Tomas Philipson

Chairman of the White House Council of Economic Advisers (2019-2020), Professor of Economics at the University of Chicago

“US government health programs exhibit unsustainable cost growth, are poorly targeted, exacerbate healthcare cost inflation, and desperately need reforms.  Paragon’s scholars have the government experience to understand the problems, and to develop sensible policies to address them.”

Chuck Blahous

J. Fish and Lillian F. Smith Chair at the Mercatus Center

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