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Medicare Reform

To empower Medicare beneficiaries by increasing their control over their own decisions and finances while improving health outcomes and lowering costs.

  • Patients are best positioned to determine the value of health care services, working with their health care providers.
  • Prices are best for patients when determined by economic value rather than political power and when they are known in advance of receiving services.
  • Patients benefit from increased options of doctors, hospitals, and insurance plans.
  • Governments’ use of non-market based methods to determine reimbursement leads to significant amounts of spending on low-value services and products and underpayment for high value services and
    products, stifles beneficial innovation, and, because of Medicare’s size, distorts payments throughout the health care system.
  • Intermediate entities that can manage financial risk and ensure quality of care are important to the transition to value-based care within the Medicare program.

Goal 1: Increase Medicare Beneficiaries’ Control Over Their Health Care.

  • Remove regulations that restrict choice of coverage and care.
  • Permit seniors to control more of the program’s financing.
  • Improve the accessibility and quality of information important for beneficiaries’ decisions

Goal 2: Enhance the Doctor-Patient Relationship.

  • Eliminate regulatory burdens that raise costs for health care providers without benefitting patients.
  • Permit plans and providers to take on greater accountability for care, while maintaining beneficiary choice.

Goal 3: Ensure Sustainability and Value for Beneficiaries and Taxpayers.

  • Slow Medicare’s cost growth.
  • Reduce waste, fraud, and abuse in the program.

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