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Public Health and American Well-Being

To develop strategies that improve Americans’ health and well-being, through evidence-based policymaking and the promotion of medical innovation.

  • Personal characteristics, including behaviors and genetics, are generally more important determinants of health and well-being than health insurance or medical care.
  • Medical innovation is a key factor in improving health.
  • Government interventions can be counterproductive and decrease health and well-being.
  • Private initiatives and market forces can be more effective than government programs for improving health and addressing public health emergencies.
  • The American people, armed with clear information and the ability to exercise choice, are key players in improving the nation’s health.

Goal 1: Identify the determinants of public health and wellness.

  • Determine which personal characteristics, including behaviors, influence health and how they do so.
  • Study the impact of various government programs and regulations on health, including the ability to respond to health emergencies such as pandemics.
  • Identify strategies to increase beneficial health care innovations.

Goal 2: Improve Americans’ Health and Well-Being

  • Reform, or eliminate, government programs and regulations that decrease health.
  • Restructure government agencies and bureaucracies that impede innovation and hamper the ability to promptly address urgent national and individual health care needs.
  • Increase health care innovation by implementing evidence-based strategies.
  • Empower people with the information they need to improve their health.
  • Create incentives for people to take charge of improving their health.

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