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Brian Blase quoted in The Washington Post – May 14, 2024

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Brian Blase
PresidentatParagon Health Institute

Brian Blase, Ph.D., is the President of Paragon Health Institute. Brian was Special Assistant to the President for Economic Policy at the White House’s National Economic Council (NEC) from 2017-2019, where he coordinated the development and execution of numerous health policies and advised the President, NEC director, and senior officials. After leaving the White House, Brian founded Blase Policy Strategies and serves as its CEO.

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On May 14, 2024, Paragon’s President Brian Blase was quoted in The Washington Post‘s Health 202.

From the article:

One group enjoys some upside from Americans’ ignorance about their insurance coverage: the companies that administer Medicaid for most states, including UnitedHealthcare and Centene.

States pay them a monthly fee for every person enrolled in their plans. But if people don’t know they’re insured, they’re less likely to seek health services — which means higher profits for the companies.

“Insurers reaped windfalls from this reality,” said Brian Blase, president of the Paragon Health Institute and a former health policy adviser to President Donald Trump. “People who are enrolled but don’t know they are enrolled receive no benefit from the program.”

The full article can be found in The Washington Post.

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