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Brian Blase quoted in HuffPost – May 10, 2024

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Brian Blase
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Brian Blase, Ph.D., is the President of Paragon Health Institute. Brian was Special Assistant to the President for Economic Policy at the White House’s National Economic Council (NEC) from 2017-2019, where he coordinated the development and execution of numerous health policies and advised the President, NEC director, and senior officials. After leaving the White House, Brian founded Blase Policy Strategies and serves as its CEO.

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On May 10, 2024, Paragon President Brian Blase was quoted in HuffPost.

From the article:

Conservative intellectuals are already laying the groundwork. Brian Blase, the former Trump administration official now president of the conservative-leaning Paragon Health Institute, has assailed the extra subsidies as regressive because they have made higher-income Americans eligible for assistance.

Blase has also warned about the extra burden these subsidies place on the federal budget, especially when the money is padding insurance company revenues.

“Congress should stop giving massive gifts of taxpayer dollars to health insurers,” Blase told me over e-mail. “These expanded subsidies open the program up for tremendous waste, fraud, and abuse as most enrollees now have access to fully taxpayer-subsidized plans.”

Blase, who in a second Trump term would be an obvious candidate to advise Republicans in some official or unofficial capacity, is right about the extra government spending that comes with the higher subsidies. It also gets at one of the fundamental divides between the two parties ― and more broadly between liberals and conservatives ― when it comes to the inevitable trade-offs of health care policy.

The full article can be found in HuffPost.

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