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Universities’ Covid Policies Defy Science and Reason

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Marty Makary, MD, is a professor at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine and Johns Hopkins Carey School. He also has been elected to the National Academy of Medicine and is Editor-in-Chief of Medpage Today. In 2022, Dr. Makary became the Chair of Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin’s Medical Advisory Team.

Parents and students should challenge dogma with data.

Universities are supposed to be bastions of critical thinking, reason and logic. But the Covid policies they have adopted—policies that have derailed two years of students’ education and threaten to upend the upcoming spring semester—have exposed them as nonsensical, anti-scientific and often downright cruel. 

Some of America’s most prestigious universities are leading the charge…

At these institutions of higher learning and thousands more, science is supposedly held in the highest esteem. So where is the scientific support for masking outdoors? Where is the scientific support for constantly testing fully vaccinated young people? Where is the support for the confinement of asymptomatic, young people who test positive for a virus to which they are already immune on a campus of other immune people? 

The data simply do not justify any of it…

For the past two years, this country has imposed extensive, and often unnecessary, restrictions on over 54 million school-age children, even though they are the least likely group to suffer serious consequences of a Covid infection. Instead, we have damaged their education, kept them from seeing human faces, and treated them as vectors without a right to a normal childhood. 

College students are not the only young people we have harmed. A recent Brown University study found that “children born during the pandemic have significantly reduced verbal, motor, and overall cognitive performance compared to children born pre-pandemic.” The researchers pointed out that families of lower socioeconomic status were most affected. At the same time, adults have been allowed to socialize barefaced at bars, while children outdoors on playgrounds are still masked. This is nothing short of an abuse of power by adults over a defenseless group…

The medical establishment is intoxicated with groupthink, just as it had in believing that Covid spreads through surface transmission, in instituting barbaric policies that prohibited people from visiting their dying loved ones, and in shutting children out of school for a less contagious variant last year. Concerned citizens should challenge medical dogma with data.

It’s time to learn to live with Covid by using some common sense practices: If you’re sick, stay home. If you’re around someone vulnerable, be careful. If you’ve been exposed, wear a real, quality, N95 mask. For the young who have natural or vaccinated immunity, it’s a mild virus that will circulate for the rest of their lives. 

I worked at Georgetown hospital for five years as a resident. One crucial lesson my mentors there hammered into me was: Treat the person, not the lab result. When students return to campus later this month—as I hope they will to alleviate a worsening mental health crisis—college administrators need to heed this essential advice.

The full article can be found at Common Sense.

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