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The Next Medicaid Blowout

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Brian Blase
President at Paragon Health Institute

Brian Blase, Ph.D., is the President of Paragon Health Institute. Brian was Special Assistant to the President for Economic Policy at the White House’s National Economic Council (NEC) from 2017-2019, where he coordinated the development and execution of numerous health policies and advised the President, NEC director, and senior officials. After leaving the White House, Brian founded Blase Policy Strategies and serves as its CEO.

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Among the many parts of the $3.5 trillion bill Democrats are moving through Congress is a federal Medicaid program to cover mainly childless adults. Medicaid now covers 1 in 4 Americans, but Congress may soon lock even more into an expensive program with inadequate access to doctors and poor health outcomes.

Democrats are frustrated that 12 states haven’t accepted the Affordable Care Act’s cash enticements to cover able-bodied childless adults in Medicaid. Progressives have tried to go around state legislators by passing Medicaid expansion through ballot initiatives, including in Missouri. Among the holdouts are Texas and Florida, where legislators have considered and rejected Medicaid expansion.

For the full-text article, visit the Wall Street Journal.

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