Drew Gonshorowski

Senior Research Fellow

Drew Gonshorowski is a Senior Research Fellow at Paragon Health Institute. He brings a decade of experience conducting quantitative research and building models examining health policy and entitlement programs.

Prior to joining Paragon, Drew worked in The Center for Data Analysis (CDA) at The Heritage Foundation. At CDA, he built and maintained scores of models and databases. These were used to provide reviews of legislation for members of Congress, to supply data and analysis for news organizations, as well as to inform the work of other analysts. His research included health care with a special focus on microsimulation, Medicaid spending, and premium analysis. Additionally, he provided budgetary analysis of entitlement programs such as Social Security. Drew has testified on Medicaid policies in many states including Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Utah, and Virginia. His work has appeared in several publications including The Wall Street JournalHealth Affairs, and The Hill.

Drew holds a Master of Science in Economics degree from Suffolk University and a Bachelor of Science in Economics degree from Hillsdale College.