A Dozen Big Problems With Energy & Commerce’s Health Care Reconciliation Provisions

On Thursday, September 9, the House Committee on Energy and Commerce (E&C) released the legislation that they intend to mark up starting on Monday, September 13th. The legislation is sweeping and touches many aspects of American life. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is hopeful that the House can pass this legislation, along with other sweeping legislation passed by several other House committees, by the end of the month. 

The audacity of this effort—an attempt to pass hundreds of big-government proposals with an extremely limited opportunity for public debate—may be unprecedented. The health care provisions would substantially increase federal government control over America’s health sector with broad new spending, tax, and regulatory programs. These proposals would create many problems, including punishing life-saving medical innovation, exacerbating Medicare’s financial problems, lavishing hundreds of billions of additional taxpayer dollars on health insurance companies, and creating a variety of slush funds for special interest groups to pillage. Below are a dozen particularly bad problems.

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