Illegal “Fix”

The legislation creating ObamaCare was enacted as a sloppy draft, such that it has been changed over and over just to barely make it work. Well, they are at it again, this time with a big illegal “glitch” fix.

The Biden administration is proposing a major expansion of Obamacare—with $45 billion in new spending—without so much as asking Congress for authority.

The White House held a major event this week to mark 12 years since Obamacare was enacted and announce its “administrative action” to open coverage to people who were explicitly excluded under the text of the law.

“The Biden White House has succeeded in convincing the Internal Revenue Service to propose a rule that would illegally extend insurance subsidies to people who are ineligible for them,” Brian Blase explains in an op-ed in today’s Wall Street Journal. 

“Through this rule, if finalized, the IRS will expand ObamaCare subsidies by billions of dollars a year beyond what Congress authorized.”

Even worse: “An illegal administrative fix would mostly displace private spending with government spending as dependents replace employer coverage with subsidized exchange coverage.”

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