Dr. Marty Makary proposes new approach to health care

The delivery of health care in the U.S. and the cost of that care has become a major topic in our daily national conversation. It was also a topic that best-selling author and medical researcher Dr. Marty Makary devoted much time to as guest speaker at the 11th annual Charles P. Fasano Memorial Lecture, held Wednesday night before more than 100 guests at the Campus Theatre.

“The issue at hand is that people are getting crushed by health care costs in many different ways,” he said. “A lot of tax dollars go to health care, private health care premiums go into health care without even using the system.

“And then you use the system, you get a bill, and you find out it is not covered,” Makary said.”People have a right to be frustrated right now.”

Instead of talking about health care costs, “we should be talking about medical prices,” Makary said.

In his best-seller, “The Price We Pay,” Makary points out that “right now, everyone in health care is doing well. Except for the everyday American worker, who is financing the system. Frustration is at an all-time high.”

The full article can be found in The Daily Item.

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