Congressional Fellows Program

The Paragon Congressional Fellows Program is a professional development and educational opportunity for current or aspiring health policy professionals to gain first-hand experience in public policy through a fellowship with a congressional office (member, committee, or leadership). This opportunity, which is paid by Paragon Health Institute, will position participants to broaden their knowledge of health policy and the policymaking process while making contributions to that process.

To apply, send resume, cover letter, and two references to


Participants will be placed in the offices of congressional leadership, committee members, or members engaged in health policy. Participants will work on a wide range of health policy issues, engaging with stakeholders and policymakers. During the program, fellows will gain a deep insight into the inner workings of Capitol Hill and the policymaking process, working directly with members of Congress and key congressional staff. This one-year opportunity will put fellows in a great position to further their career in health policy after the fellowship.

Responsibilities and professional development opportunities to include:

  • Conduct policy research, including about potential impacts of pending health care legislation, produce summaries and memos, prepare for and lead informative and stakeholder meetings, and share knowledge gained from those meetings with their congressional supervisor.
  • Establish regular check-ins with Paragon’s staff.
  • Participate in Paragon’s Congressional education program.
  • Participate in other similar learning opportunities, such as health policy conferences hosted by research or policy institutes or one-on-one meetings with Paragon’s directors and/or public advisors.
  • Write a paper about what they have learned during their fellowship.

Job Skills & Qualifications


  • Health policy background
  • Minimum 1-2 years of relevant work experience
  • Strong writing and analytical skills
  • Exceptional attention to detail and accuracy
  • Excellent interpersonal skills

To apply, send resume, cover letter, and two references to

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