Can Republicans Regroup on Health Care?

The party needs to address its biggest policy vulnerability.

ObamaCare returned to the Supreme Court this month and the law seems sure to survive a legal challenge from GOP state attorneys general. That lawsuit has long looked like a futile exercise, and the real question for Republicans is: How many elections will the party lose before coming up with a potent political argument on health care?

The GOP also needs to think bigger than the individual market, which is not where most Americans are insured. Federal rules permit tax-preferred health-savings accounts to be paired only with plans that have a high deductible. Why not allow more Americans to control more of their own health-care dollars? Other good ideas include supporting direct primary care that offers preventive services for a low monthly fee, or improving reimbursement for telemedicine.

These and other ideas can be found in a recent policy blueprint produced and supported by center-right policy minds like Mr. Goodman, Grace-Marie Turner, Brian Blase and Doug Badger. They deserve credit for continuing to push this rock up the hill even without many champions in Congress. Republicans have lost muscle memory on health care with the departure of members like Tom Coburn and Paul Ryan.

For the full article, visit the Wall Street Journal.

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